Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I got tagged...

Thanks a lot Ashley! I really don't enjoy doing these things, because it really makes you have to think. I feel like I am a normal, average, not too quirky kind of girl, so these things kind of stress me out. But I want to follow through with this, and cause my mind to work a little harder. Trichelle, also tagged me, so I need to do that one too. Soon enough. But here is one of them.

So I was tagged by my great friend Ashley (I don't know how to link her though). She really probably knows all these quirky things or facts about me since we have been friends for almost 10 years now, but maybe I can surprise her. Here are the rules.

Here's the low-down:
1. Link your tagger. Post the rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself (random and weird).
3. Tag 7 friends.
4. Leave a comment letting them know they've been "tagged."

1.) The day I got my driving permit, I was driving home to my house in my mom's mini-van, with her by my side. I did a really great job, and was quite proud that I had made it home without my nerves getting in the way. So I opened the garage door, started slowly pulling into the garage until I got the break and the accelerator mixed up, and ran into the house, yes, into the laundry room. I was horrified! Thankfully my parents laughed. But I was not able to laugh until about a year ago. Just kidding! Hey, its a tricky thing, those pedals.

2.) I get really excited when a new month arrives. Not because it may bring a new season, but because I get to change my refrigerator dry-erase calendar. I can't explain the joy it brings me. I love the look of a clean calendar. Oh the joy!

3.) When I am filling the dishwasher, I like to be very organized in the location of the cups and dishes. I have a particular place for everything. Its a good thing that Jody doesn't load it very often because it stresses me out internally when things are out of order. But don't tell him that.

4.) My favorite part of my body is my nose and eyes. They are two things that don't change, stretch, or get bigger when pregnant.

5.) I sing on Jody's new CD. Yes, its true, I sing BGVs (Background vocals) on two of the songs. It has taken much, much prayer and will power to get me to sing out, and I'm still working on it. I love to sing, and grew up singing, but to sing where people might hear me has been a very big fear in my life! The Lord is setting me free of that fear, slowly. Well, the slowly part is my fault. But I do love leading worship with Jody and enjoy doing it as often as possible, and miss it when I don't get to.

6.) I had ear surgery in third grade, due to having a hole in my right eardrum. I am now hard of hearing in my right ear.

7.) I love cloudy days. I get really excited when it is cloudy, rainy, or thunder-storming. It really does bring me joy! That seems pretty pessimistic, but I do love it.

So now I will tag...
Amy Meek

I love Spring! Here is a picture looking up at my favorite tree in our backyard. I love the short week that this tree is covered in pink blossoms! It makes me smile! Happy Spring!


Sam and Mandy said...

First off - your tree is gorgeous! Our trees were full of blossoms a few weeks ago and when I finally got around to taking a picture, the rain came and washed all the blossoms away!!!
You did a great job on this and I learned some fun and interesing facts about you. Thanks for sharing!

The Barnyard's said...

You are so cute Sarah Bell! I love your beautiful tree!!! I'm so excited to learn that you sang on Jody's am I just now finding out about that!??!! It scares me to answer questions..but since you tagged me...i will be true to the rules. :)

Ingram Gang said...

I DO know alot about you, I am your good friend Ashley O.!?
I like a new month also, I believe it's for the same reasons. We are such kindred spirits :)
I think you should have Jody hold Eisley in the air and take a picture with the tree in the background. It could be cute. You better hurry before the blooms all fall off though.

The Wilsons said...

I don't know what that "O" was for Ash....I think it was because I tried to link your name, but it didn't work. Really, you know that's my nickname for you, huh Ash? Wink, Wink.

The Cherry's said...

I'm not playing tag. I'm that kid who sits out and says I'll just watch. :) I think I'll just swing or build a sand castle.
I can't wait to hear JW's CD.
Oh and I like your nose too.

Emily Suzanne Sims said...

I Love finding out new stuff about you! The driving thing is too funny!! That's just hilarious! And I def. relate with the excitement that comes from changing the calendar each month. I'm with you, sister! Nose and eyes not changing with pregnancy... very clever!! Congratulations on the new cd, I can't wait to hear it!! (very cool cover)... okay, writing way too much... this upcoming Thursday, what do you say?