Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A month...

Yes, that is how long it has been since I last blogged. Does it count that I have blogged a TON of times in my head????

So, what's been going on since I last blogged in April...

-I began working again, but VERY part time. I am working again as a casemanager for a foster care agency. It was really the perfect opportunity. They have given me the freedom to work ENTIRELY from home so that I can still be a full time mommy! I went ahead and put Eisley in Mother's Day Out on Thursdays (Mia was already going on Thursdays) so that I could go into the office at least once a week to do work, print papers, makes faxes. Its been a pretty big adjustment, but I am really enjoying it. I enjoy getting to use my degree again. I am just kinda helping them with overloaded caseloads, so really I might not be needed in the next few months, but I am around as long as they need me, and as long as its not taking away from my family. Its been fun.

-Jody and I got to attend an amazing marriage retreat with our church. SO wonderful!

- Had a garage sale on my birthday...it was a bummer in so many ways...didn't make much money.

- As I said, I had a BIRTHDAY on the 9th of May. I am now 27!!! It doesn't even seem real! I still feel like I just graduated high school.

-The same weekend as my birthday was Mothers Day. Jody and the girls made me feel incredibly loved and special! Thanks for an amazing birthday/mother's day weekend Jody!

-Finally had our first weekend to do NOTHING...so we planted lots of flowers. Most are still alive today. Big Deal for this girl with a brown thumb.

-Went to Colorado with Jody's entire family for his cousins graduation. I love Jody's entire family, including his extended family, so it was really great and fun. The LONG drive was not as bad I was expecting with an almost 4 year old, 19 month old, and my niece who is 9 months old. We were gone for 5 days, and had a great time!

-Now I am exhausted, and ready to crash, but I had to force myself to take time to post on this blog, rather than doing some much needed work or going to bed. :)
So, maybe I need to take a break from blogging. But, I really don't want to. I really enjoy having an online record of our family's fun times, especially since I'm really bad about printing out pictures. Who knows. I think I will try again to get better about blogging. (Even though June is actually a TON crazier than May.) Oh well...

For now, enjoy some pictures from our fun trip to Colorado.

The GIANT ice cream cone in Raton, NM on our way to Colorado, YUMM!

Mia and Eisley and our niece Zoe at the giant icecream cone.  

Beginning of our time at the Colorado Springs Zoo.  

The Giraffes were fun to watch

Eisley and cousin Zoe

Sweet Sisters!

(Daddy's behind her, I promise.)

Jody's sister, Amy, and her daughter, Zoe

Mia and MaMaw riding beside her

The giraffe wanted to be in the picture too

Eisley wasn't so sure about feeding the birds, she'd rather look at them from a distance

MaMaw and aunt Amy helping Mia feed the birds.

Eisley LOVES her PaPaw.  (She was showing him the big apes!)

I know, I know...she's got the most squeezable cheeks ever!

At the Denver Aquarium.  Watch out Mia!  That fish is as big as YOU!

Eisley loved the fish too!

Yep, all the kids in the extended family...looks like fun, huh?????

Waiting, in the rain, of course, to get into the aquarium.  Its a popular place!

Hey Dorie and Nemo

Thank you Baby Praise!  (Even if you did almost put Amy to sleep...she was driving. Yikes!)

And finally, the reason we went, Jody's cousin, Lauren, graduated from high school.  Congratulations Lauren!!!  (Outside graduations are beautiful, except when it RAINS!!!) Not to mention Colorado doesn't mind having 8am graduations..left the house at 6:30AM, and yes, with the girls!)