Saturday, January 31, 2009

What's new???

I really have found it hard to blog recently. I know a lot is going on right now, but I just felt like I haven't had much to say. So, I thought I'd give a little update on what is going on around the Wilson household in this season of life.

So, as of mid-January, Jody took the position of INTERIM youth minister at a church here in Amarillo. Actually, it is the same church we were at 3-4 years ago. At that time, Jody was the associate youth minister and led worship for the youth. I could honestly say that I NEVER thought that we'd be back in youth ministry, but the Lord brought this about through a series of events, and with much counsel through trusted friends, we decided to do it. We have a desire to bring healing and restoration to this youth group by showing them the Lord's greatness! This is a part time position with Jody only having to be there on Wednesdays and Sundays. We continue to go to our home church, Messiah's House, since they meet on Saturday nights, we just can't go to our Wednesday night lifegroup for a few months. (Which we miss terribly! But its just for a season!) This position plus the part time salary Jody gets through his worship ministry, Lionsong Ministries, allows Jody to not really have to depend quite as much on remodeling jobs right now to make ends meet. I truly believe the Lord has told me that this season (which may be anywhere from 3-6 months possibly) is going to be a time of rest for our family, but mainly for Jody. It will give him more down time to write new songs that the Lord is pouring into him, and also just time to devote to his ministry. We are having a great time with where the Lord has brought us. Its a little tiring come the weekends, but totally worth it! This position is also so great that they have told Jody upfront that he can continue to travel WHENEVER he needs to with worship events with Lionsong. This was a huge blessing since that is his true heart! Anyways, we are once again learning how to minister to youth when its not always so fun. (I really don't miss High School and Middle School, by the way.) We would ask for your continued prayers and support through this season and that we would be sensitive to the Lord's voice at all times.

The second thing is that Jody and I have the opportunity to go to Israel in March. Jody was asked to lead worship for a group that is going over there, and they are allowing me to come too!!! We are having to raise the support for my way, which is completely awkward, but its totally worth it. Please visit our Lionsong Ministries website HERE for more updates. We know the Lord has opened this door for us, so we know without a doubt that he will provide for it! We will be there for 11 days, which seems like an eternity when I think of leaving our girls for that long, but I know the Lord will protect my heart and theirs while we are gone. (Huh, Ash???) We will get to do many things, including a lot of sight-seeing and walk where Jesus walked and worship where He worshipped. I just can't describe to you my excitement, which is huge since when Jody first talked about the trip I would just cry at the thought of being gone from the girls and home for so long. I know we are going to be eternally changed from this trip! Have I mentioned how excited I am about this opportunity??? :)

Well, I can't help post without posting pictures so I will try to find a few random pictures to put on here, and I'm sure they will be of the girls. :) Blessings to each of you! Happy Superbowl Weekend!

Oh yeah, we've been doing some painting and stuff to our house. We bought it almost 5 years ago, so we've been needing a little change here and there. Mia had fun with it, too, obviously!

Fun in Eisley's room before bed one night

Having fun with dad at the "man store"

Attempting to take a New Years one really cooperating.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Praying for Ashley...

My dearest friend, Ashley, left last Thursday to go with her church on a mission trip to India. I am so proud of her for going. She is leaving behind her son, daughter, and husband to go minister to the people of India. This was a fairly hard decision for her as a mom, but she knew the Lord was calling her, so she went.

She had many people offer to pray for her during her trip so she was able to assign people to specific days of her trip. Although I think about her often, therefore, I pray for her each time I think about her, today is my assigned day to pray for her in a more focused way. I know the Lord is using her in so many ways to reach the women and children of India, but I also know that He is teaching her so many new things about Himself at the same time. I know she will see the world differently when she returns home on the 29th (yep, 2 weeks is a very long time to leave her family!!!) and I am excited to have that impact me as well!

So, I ask that you would also pray for my dear friend Ashley as well. You can read about her trip and specific prayer needs on her blog here. Thank you for lifting her up!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A new year...

I have had a SERIOUSLY hard time getting back to blogging. It seems like through the rush of the holidays, it just was a little overwhelming to think about blogging. Yes, I've had MANY things that I COULD blog about, but it just couldn't happen. It hasn't helped that our internet has been super slow so every time I try to blog with pictures it takes forever!!! I really have blogged three times recently, but could never post them. UGH! Very frustrating! Oh well. So, the thought of trying to "catch up" on the last month and a half worth of "events" that have gone on made me cringe. Maybe I will post about them later if I get the time, but for now, I will just go from today on. (well, with a little look back on Christmas cookie time with Mia, Eisley, and my sisters girls Bailey and Addison.) Enjoy, and Happy New Year everyone! (I know, a little late for that!) :)



When you turn your back on a 3 year old with sprinkles...OOPS!

Eisley wanted to decorate cookies too...but needed to be shirtless.

Cookies anyone???? Yikes!

I SWORE I would NEVER match my girls...whelp, never say never. OOPS. But don't they look sweet? (now, I don't do it ALL the time, just every now and then.) :)

Aren't we cute too??? Just kidding! But I do LOVE this man!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year...

What a great time to show you a video of Eisley's newest trick...Hope you enjoy!!! I pray that you each have an amazing year of many great blessings!!!!

(Great job on the video, Jody!!!!)