Thursday, July 9, 2009

A break...

I'll be honest.  I know EVERYONE is busy, especially during summer.  I really do hate using that phrase, "we've been so busy."  I feel like it can be a cop-out at times or just something to say.  But, I have to say it.  We have.  Its been a crazy summer for our family.  

I should be used to this lifestyle by now.  Summer is usually the busiest time for us, especially for traveling with Jody's ministry, and this summer is no different.  Its not really even that Jody's had many worship events this summer, but the few he has, plus a couple of family trips, youth ministry stuff (which will be ending mid-August), and  remodeling/carpentry jobs Jody has on the side, WOW, it just hasn't stopped.  I'm exhausted at this point.  And even some days, weary.  Will this ever slow down???  It will.  I know it will.  Don't get me wrong.  Each of these things in our life, have been such joys in their own ways, but I just need rest.  I need my whole family to rest.  Really, I know this is coming in August, I can see the light at the end of this tunnel.  But I'm trying to enjoy each day individually, rather than focusing on the "what's to come."  
So, sorry for that overflow of words, but it was all to say...I am going to stop worrying about blogging.  It really is the farthest thing from my mind each day, but yet, I feel guilty that I haven't documented our good times or that I am letting people down.  But, that's just something I am putting on myself.  So, I just realized through the past few days, that I am not going to have an intention of blogging again this summer until things calm down.  (Hopefully that means August.)  I want to.  I really do.  Especially since I am the worlds worst with printing pictures to document our family's life, BUT, for now, I will take a short break.  IF, for some reason, I find some time and energy to spend blogging and uploading pictures, I will, but until then, don't be too bummed that you haven't heard from me or seen updated pictures.  (OK, this is probably only to my family, but I'm good with that.)  Blessings on each of you!
Now to leave you with a couple of fun pics of this summer...

The birthday girl in June....(Yes, she's in her pjs. It was a Pajama Birthday. So fun!)

Have you ever enjoyed an Oreo as much as this girl???

The family at Mias birthday party. (Please don't judge me for the lack of tan. I've seen the sun since then. Promise!) :)