Friday, August 29, 2008

More pictures....

Here are some more pictures of our new niece, Zoe. Since we had to come home the night she was born, these are the only pictures I have on my camera. Hopefully we will see her again very soon!

Up until I saw this picture clearly, I really thought Zoe looked like her mom, but not in this one, she is ALL Zach here

So, maybe Eisley's a little jealous that she is no longer the baby in the family

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Zoe!

Zoe Terah Detwiler was born today at 2pm. She is 6 lbs 6oz and is 19 inches long. She is completely beautiful, with a full head of black curly hair! Jody's sister, Amy, is doing well too, as she is recovering from the c-section! We are so excited for this new addition to our family! Happy Birthday Zoe!

Proud Daddy, Zach

The new mom and baby

Monday, August 25, 2008

Birthdays and a Birth Day...

I know that I am seriously overdue in posting, but I still thought I would post a few pictures of my twin nieces birthday party last week. They turned 3 last Wednesday, and had an amazing party (with amazing cupcakes my sister made.). Bailey and Addison are so dear to us, and are truly Mia's best friends. They are all only 2 1/2 months apart, so its practically like they are all the same age. Happy late birthday Bailey and Addison!!!!

Addison, Mia, and Bailey

My sister's yummy cupcakes, and so super cute! (Hey, Mandy, move back to A-town and you and Jill can open a bakery!)

Eisley (yes, covered in water) and Nana

And yes, you read it right, tomorrow will be another, Birth Day, literally. My sister in law, Amy, (Jody's sister) is having her baby girl Zoe Terah tomorrow afternoon by C-section in Childress. We are so excited to meet this little girl! Please pray with us for her, Zach, and baby Zoe! We just can't wait! Happy early birthday Zoe! (I will definately post pictures of this later!)

As for us, we once again have a very sick Eisley. Isn't this just ridiculous!!!! She actually has a stomach bug! I took her to the dr today and she even got "sick" at the dr THREE times! Oh man! It was not pretty! Needless to say, she has been on a strick Pedialyte only diet and even Zofran for the vomiting. She has been sleeping a lot today, so hopefully it will be gone by morning before we have to go to Childress. Oh, and I can't forget to mention that Mia starts gymnastics tomorrow morning!!! I'm so excited! Now, parents are only allowed to watch once a month, but believe me, when that day comes I will have tons of pictures! I'm so excited! So, yes, we have a crazy day ahead of us tomorrow, but what a great day! Blessings!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Five Years!!!!

So, this past Saturday, Jody and I celebrated our Five Year Wedding Anniversary! I can not believe that it has been that long! On one hand, it seems like we have never been apart, but then on the other hand, it seems like only a short time since we said "I do."

So, for our anniversary, we were beyond blessed to go to Las Vegas. We went some friends of ours and had an AMAZING time. The Lord blessed us more than I could even begin to write about. He took care of us by providing this wonderful trip, wonderful foods, an amazing room at the Palazzo Hotel, and just an amazing time with one another. We are so humbled and thankful all together for this trip!

The even better part of the story was the Friday morning before we left. Jody surprised me by taking me to get my anniversary present from him. Now, he didn't tell me that's what we were doing. He tricked me by telling me he needed to show me some cabinets that his painter was working on. I really didn't have time since I was trying to get the girls packed, but thankfully my mom came by at the perfect timing (yes, pre-arranged) and so I grudgedly went with him. (yes, I was irritated a little because I was already running late to meet my sister in law for the children exchange for the weekend.) Anyways, we pull up to the mall, and I just looked at him saying, "we're not going to the painters, are we?" Nope. So then I thought he was surprising me by wanting me to pick out some jeans. (since all of mine have holes in them, and he told me to get some earlier in the week, but didn't.) Which, again, I thought was sweet, but 30 minutes is NOT long enough to try on all the jeans in the mall (which is usually what it takes to find the right jeans. You girls know what I'm talking about.) Nope. That wasn't it either. He walked me right into the Zales to pick up my NEW RING! Yes, I was blown away! You see, when we got married, I wanted simplicity. So I asked for just a solitaire princess cut diamond, and a solid wedding band to go with it. Even mentioning that someday for like the 5th, or 10th anniversary, it'd be nice to get a diamond band instead. And so, MAYBE I've mentioned it a few times in the past 5 years, and boy did he listen! I was COMPLETELY shocked! I did not expect this at all! And, boy is it gorgeous. So I made sure it fit, and then handed over my wedding set so they could take the old band off, and replace it with the new one. Have I mentioned how gorgeous it is???? I love it. I still keep looking at my finger and not realizing that it really is my ring.

After much request, here are pictures of my ring (even though it doesn't really do it justice.) :)

So, good job Jody!!! My husband is amazing! I am so blessed to have spent the last five years with the love of my life. He is more than I could have ever imagined! He's so funny, talented, kind, generous, and an amazing father. I praise the Lord that He chose me to be his helpmate! I am honored to be called his wife! I love you Jody!

Amazing Italian Restaurant the night of our anniversary

*UPDATE* Jody's mom went to the dr this morning to get the results from her PET scans a couple of weeks ago, and the results were wonderful! The cancer had NOT spread internally. This is amazing! The dr even said that he'd be surprised if he ever had to see her again! She will continue to see her dermatologist and be treated with a topical cream for her skin, but that's it! Can you believe it? God is amazing! He is our HEALER! Thank you each for your prayers and kind words!

Becky and Eisley

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Don't be jealous.

Now, don't be jealous. Jody and I went to see Lyle Lovett in concert last night here in Amarillo. I know, you may be thinking "why in the world would you want to see him?" Well, the truth is, if we weren't given the tickets for free, we wouldn't have. But Jody was actually really excited to see him. He's wanted to see good 'ole Lyle in concert before, so I figured I'd be the supportive wife and go. It was really a fun concert. The musicians were incredible, so that was of course what Jody loved about it. Lyle's pretty funny too actually. (Maybe that's why Julia Roberts married him at one time. It definately couldn't have been for his looks.) I hope you each have a wonderful rest of your day.

My poor baby's face! Its even a little swollen! Its a little better today, but she's still not well. YUK!

Its never too early to have my daughter start washing dishes, right? (No, no, no, she asked desperately to "help me". I'm not a slave driver!) :)

Amy's baby shower in Childress

Saturday, August 9, 2008


First, I do apologize that its been a solid two weeks since I have posted. I just haven't found the time or energy to do it. So, here I am now, at 11pm on Saturday night, while the kids are asleep, and my husband is watching some fight at a doctor's fancy house, and with my favorite Olympic event on...gymnastics. This seemed like the perfect timing.

So, we went to camp in Austin two weeks ago, and we had a great time!!! The Lord moved so strongly! It was also great to be completely available to my husband since the girls did not go with us again. He ran the 24 hour, counselor only, prayer room. The counselors really took hold of it, and it was just amazing! Each night at midnight we had an hour or more of warring worship, and it was just always so powerful! What a great week, but of course we were again so ready to be home to our girls! Thanks Mom, Dad, Randy, Becky, and Aunt Amy for taking care of our girls all week! We are so blessed!

This past week was a great one. We simply spent the first of the week with the mornings at VBS at our church, then the rest of the week was just recovering and being home. It was nice. I know I complain every now and then and just seem overwhelmed with my very THREE year old Mia and her independence, attitude, and frustrations. But I would like to say that we had a GREAT week this week. I was finally reminded of my sweet, and compliant Mia. It was as if the Lord gave me a sweet breather to give me perseverance through this "terrible THREES". Anyways, it was refreshing. But poor Mia, she became very sick on Wednesday, with a high fever, and all she complained about was that her knees hurt. I know, sounds strange. We simply had to give her Motrin and Tylenol for 24 hours. Her fever finally broke early Thursday morning and was back to her active self.

Then, this weekend we went to Childress again. This time was for Jody's sister's baby shower. She is due in a month and we couldn't be more ready to meet baby Zoe. Amy got wonderful things at her shower. This girl will definitely have plenty of pink! :) I will try to post pictures later.

The not so fun part of our weekend was that Eisley woke up screaming around 3am this morning. Now, I am not exaggerating when I say this, but this was literally her first time to wake up in the middle of the night since she started sleeping through the night around 7 weeks. I know, she's always been a tremendous sleeper. She could not be comforted for about 2 hours. Jody, being the amazing dad that he is made a run to Walmart to get some gas medicine for her. We really thought it was gas because she kept moaning and screaming randomly. It was completely out of character for her. My sweet in-laws even woke up (I am beyond shocked though that Mia slept through it all.) and helped us try to care for her. She finally fell asleep in Jody's arms. Then, all day, she has been crying off and on. We finally figured out that it is probably not gas. It is actually more a sensitivity on her back. Strange, I know. Maybe its a kidney infection or something like that. Each time you move her to a new position, she screams. She has also had a fever from 101-102.6 today. So, we came home this evening (as planned) and after many talks to the on-call nurse and Dr we decided to not take her to the ER like we thought we'd have to, and just wait to take her to the Dr's office tomorrow during weekend hours, which will be after lunch. I will be sure to update you with what is finally the reason for this issue. We will continue the Tylenol and Motrin, but for now, she is sleeping peacefully, and will hopefully not wake to a scream again.

*UPDATE* We took Eisley to the dr this afternoon. She has Foot, Hand, Mouth Virus. Therefore, she has big ulcers all on her throat and now a rash all over her body. The back pain and sensitivity was probably due to the fever. If she keeps her fever down through tonight, she should not be contagious anymore. I am thinking this is probably what Mia had this week, and she then gave it to Eisley. Mia broke out in the rash on Friday, but I just didn't think anything about it. You know, we are trying to teach her to share. Hmmm.

Well, sorry for the long, detailed post, but I guess that's what happens when you take two weeks to post. So, if you are still reading this, I thank you. :) Good-night to each of you.