Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lets just start with Halloween.

I know, I know...Its been over a month since I've blogged. Yes, part of my excuse was that our computer was broken, but i've had that back for a week now. But I did have my parents' laptop for most of that time, but I just could find the "umph" to blog when I couldn't post pictures. So, please accept my appologies. Its amazing the "umph" it requires to blog again after such a long delay.

Now, a lot has happened in the past month, including my daughters FIRST birthday! (Which was actually the day of the computer "incident") I don't have the pictures downloaded from her party yet, but I assure you when I do, I will make a sweet post about my one year old. (Actually, 13 month old now.)

For now, I will start with some Halloween pictures. It was a very fun night. We have been planning with the Ingrams for several years now for our kids to all go as something coordinating. We thought about the Wizard of Oz, but that wasn't good for this year. Last year we were going to have Mia and Noah be Pebbles and Bam Bam, but it didn't work out then either. This year we decided on a football player and Cheerleaders. Then we decided that since their parents are all Red Raiders, then it was only appropriate for them to be supporting Tech. We didn't realize it at the time, but we later realized that Halloween was actually the day before the big Tech vs Texas game, so it was PERFECT! I'd like to say our kids had a little to do with the big win the next day! (Maybe they should have been wearing their costumes last weekend. Hmmm.) Needless to say, we had a great time, and the girls really enjoyed themselves too! I hope you all enjoy the pictures, and I guess I will post again in a month. KIDDING!

The Family

What, mom???

Cheerleader Eisley

Great, huh?

She can't smile any bigger...really.

Mia and Noah

Cheerleader Kayt! What a beauty!

Our friend Noah...AKA Texas Tech Football Player (But seriously, this guy really may be one someday! He's quite the athlete!)

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm back....kinda

So, it has now been a week and a half since our computer had half a bottle of water spilt on it (I won't mention who's fault that was. But all I'm saying is that it wasn't my fault. Or the girls. But I'm not saying who's it was.) :) So, I am waiting ever so patiently for it to get fixed. Thankfully I have been able to get on my parents computer a few times to check email quickly, but thats it.

So, I promise, when our computer is fixed, I will get back on and post important things and pictures like my daughters FIRST BIRTHDAY, Halloween, and other fun things. (like how Eisley now has her third tooth, and closely followed by her fourth, fifth, AND sixth teeth shortly behind.)

Happy Voting tomorrow, and Happy Birthday to my dear friend MARLA tomorrow!!!! Hope you have an amazing day, Marla! Take that much needed four hour nap, k?