Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eisleys 2nd Birthday Party...

I guess its about time I posted pictures from Eisley's birthday party. (Lets just forget that it was actually 3 months ago, oops!) :) We had such a great time with such great friends and family! We had Eisley's birthday at the play area at my parents church. Its a GREAT play area, perfect for this age, plus, you don't have to worry about the weather (which was great because it actually snowed for a little while that day in Amarillo.) We actually had Mia's 3rd birthday at this same place! We had a lot of fun and were so blessed with such great friends and family! Enjoy the pictures!

Yummy sandwiches, chips, and cupcakes!

My sister did an amazing job on these cupcakes! She very talented!

She's a little shocked as to why everyone's singing to her. She just wants the cupcake.

Can I just eat the cupcake now?

Now she dives in!

Sweet sisters!

Present time! (With Aunt Amy's help) :)

Sweet friend, Kayt Ingram. (Or as Eisley calls her, "My Tate") well, close. :)

Cousin Zoe was there too!

Fun times! (Plus a huge jungle gym upstairs)

Nana, Grandad (my parents) and cousins Bailey and Addison)

With MaMaw and Papa! So blessed with 2 GREAT sets of grandparents!

Family! So blessed! Happy 2nd Birthday to my baby girl!


The Detwilers said...

Welcome back!! And honestly, you could have left that picture of me out!! :) Hope to see you guys soon!!

Amanda said...

such great pictures!! I can't believe she is 2 (3 months ago :)