Monday, October 26, 2009

My Baby Girl Turned TWO!

I thought it only seemed fair that since one of my last posts was on my big girl's 4th birthday, that I should return to the world of blogging on my baby girl's 2nd birthday. (or a few days after.) I'll admit, I have really struggled to start writing again. It has just been hard to get the motivation to sit down and write, but I have truly missed it! I hope to start back again now that life is a bit slower. (and I do mean "a BIT") So, here you go...

The Beauty Then...
Eisley Mae Wilson - TWO YEARS AGO on October 24th

The Beauty Now...
Eisley Mae Wilson - October 24, 2009

So, I thought I'd just let this post be devoted to a few pictures of Eisley on her 2nd birthday. We had a WONDERFUL weekend celebrating together as a family. I'll admit. There's just something different about the baby of a family and this mamma. I couldn't believe how many times I got teared up at the thought of and definitely the talking of Eisley turning 2. It got to the point where Jody would just start talking about it, just to see me tear up. Its ridiculous! It didn't help to think back to Mia's 2nd birthday and how I was about 3 months pregnant with Eisley at that time! I can't even imagine that right now! We definitely want more kids, but the Lord has not yet put the "Go" in our hearts. I feel like I'm getting a bit closer to the thought, but I'd like to again empasize the "BIT".) :)

Eisley has truly shocked me. She is NOTHING at all like I thought she'd be, from day one. When she came into this world with a head FULL of BLONDE hair, I was shocked, since Mia was so dark headed. Then, as she has grown, her personality is different then I expected. I really thought she'd be a lot more laid back, especially since she has such a strong, leader of an older sister, but I was wrong. This little girl has quite the voice of her own. She will let you know what she wants, and how she wants it. And don't even think about getting something out of place, she does not appreciate that! If you don't have your shoes on, she'll ask you about it, again, and again, until you put your shoes on. If you've been wearing a hat or scarf all day, and decide to take it off, she might go hysterical on you until you put it back on. Its funny really. (Even though now I'm striving to "direct" her through these moments of outrage.) She needs order. She does have such a great sense of humor, though. She always has this look in her eye like, "yep, I have a secret, and I'm not telling you." It's funny. She's very similar to Mia, which I guess I expected complete opposites. This girl will not be walked on in the years to come. I can't wait to see how God uses this strong girl! (and may the Lord continue to direct us in how to "guide" her through this strong temperament.) We are more in love with this girl today, than we ever imagined! We are very, very blessed!

This weekend seemed to be our first weekend in a long time without anything to do, so it was perfect! The weekend was spent getting birthday donuts, going to a pumpkin farm here in town, carving pumpkins, and just being family! Loved it! I'm so blessed. So, now I'll simply let the pictures give you a glimpse of our weekend. Enjoy!

More birthday pics I took...

Eisley's birthday donut choice "sp-inkles"

These girls love their donuts

Mia in the corn maze at the pumpkin farm. "This way, or that?"

"Oh, how I hope this Daddy guy knows where he's going."

The leader (It IS who the Lord created her to be.)

On the hay ride back...cheetos in hand, makes it an even greater ride.

In the Corn Box. Very cool idea.

Working very hard to fill up that pail. A girl on a mission.

Lovin' it!

Team-work. They're a great team. (well, usually.) :)

The popular event of the day, the cow train ride.

Yep, still Cheetos in hand.

Let the carving fun begin.

Mia's NOT impressed with Dad's creation.

Mia LOVED this part...the GUTS!

Eisley just wanted to look on from a distance. She's not crazy about getting messy.

Daddy and his helper.

The final product! (with our fire in the back!) Jody's not crazy about his creation, but I LOVE it!)

Our haul of pumpkins from the Pumpkin Farm. They were half off, so we got ALL these for $19. NICE! (We haven't put them outside yet, but they actually look cute here on this chair.)


Brie said...

Your pictures are really great! Good job! I love hearing about your second born's personality. I've also expected Eleri to be completely different from Mali.
And, welcome back to the blogging world. I can't imagine having to try to post, I need to try NOT to post so much!;)

Ingram Gang said...

How sweet! We love Eisley so much!!!

Oh, and for the record... God doesn't always give you the go ahead in terms of being ready for pregnancy. Sometimes the affirmation is in the plus sign, if you know what I mean. I'm just sayin... get busy. Only kidding.

Glad you are back.

Amanda said...

aww!!! I love reading about what Eisley is like! If only we lived closer... Eli and Eisley could be friends!

She is SO beautiful! I just can't believe she's 2!! Eli's 2nd is coming up in December... geez.

I totally relate to the whole trying to blog again thing! um hello, I had to just set up a schedule on blog topics to help me focus! haha.. I've enjoyed it though!! So glad to read a new post of yours!!

loved those pictures!

The Barnyards said...

SO glad you're back!! That Eisley girl is precious!! Love all the pictures...gorgeous!!

Mrs. Williams said...

Well hello, I saw your page on another page I was on. I had to write you a note. My daughters birthday is OCT.24 as well she just turned 1 years old. So I couldn't pass through without leaving a comment :)