Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have had several family members, whose names shall remain silent, :) who seem a little sad that I haven't blogged in, I've been searching as to the answer.

Here's my internal struggle for the past year almost. I have been struggling with the reality that my blog is SO "available." Really, this has never been that big of a deal to me up until this past year, mainly because I am really good at being nieve and believing that only people who know and love our family will be reading this blog. This is probably mostly true, but I am now trying to figure out if I'm ok with the "world" being able to see pictures of my family and knowing what's going on with us. Its a weird struggle because I do love having this blog as a journal of thoughts, pictures, and stories to reflect on. I have always been a "journal-er" growing up, so its definitely a release to write, but, this is just so stinkin' "available".

I've had several friends take their blog "private" or to make things easier, some have just changed their blog name so that their name is not in the address. So smart.

Sooo...this leaves me in this struggle of what to do.

Know that I am still here, living life, a VERY BLESSED life indeed. I'm simply trying to decide what to do with this whole "blog" thing. So, I am going to make a decision soon, and will let you in on how I decide to do this.

Thanks for caring, even if my readers are just the ones who HAVE to :)

Stay tuned for a decision. :)


Emily Suzanne said...

I'll look forward to a decision soon! I think of these things too and have been trying to decide for quite a while... who knows?! :-)